What do temporary blinds, pictures of Mom, fairy lights and bean bags all have in common?

Moving into your own room in student digs is one of the most exciting things about starting Varsity.

But let’s face it – even the nicest res rooms are a bit soulless until you stamp your own personal character and flair on them. It is really important to make a bit of effort to make your room a welcoming, comfortable place to relax in – just because you’re no longer living at home, doesn’t mean you can’t make your res room feel like one.

Of course, we all know that budget is key for all things student-related, and decorating your student room is no exception, so here are a few fund-friendly ideas that will soon have your room looking amazing.

Window Wow with Temporary Blinds

temporary blindsCurtains can be expensive, and the cheaper, ready-made ones often don’t fit the small windows typical of most res rooms. But you definitely need some kind of window dressing to ensure your privacy, and to shut out light at night. And of course, there’s no denying that an attractive window covering finishes off a room and makes it feel cosy. Have you considered paper blinds?

Temporary blinds are perfect for student rooms as they’re inexpensive, environmentally friendly and easy to use. You simply cut them to size and stick them on! They’ll last for years if you look after them, but they’re cheap enough to be easy to replace more frequently if needed.

Love Your Lights

student life lighting and blindsMost dorm rooms have harsh overhead lighting that bleaches out all the colour and character from your room. Soften the ambience by hanging strings of coloured or soft white fairy lights over mirrors or underneath floating bookshelves. And yes, guys can have lights too! Lad lighting is a thing! A couple of funky table lamps will also look great.

Fab Photos

Photographs are a fantastic way to add colour to drab walls, as well as being happy reminders of family and friends. You can also add to your collection during the year with photos taken with new friends. Make cheap and cheerful frames for your photos with washi tape. It won’t mark your walls and is easy to remove.

Keep It Comfy

Cushions are awesome! They add colour to your room and can be thrown on the floor for friends to sit on when they pop in for coffee and a chat. You can get a huge range of budget-beating cushions at several home store chains, or, if you, your Mom, or a friend are sewing savvy, why not whip up a few covers from old t-shirts or fleecy blankets? Bean bags are another way to add colour and comfort to your dorm room.

Brilliant Boxes

Storage space is often at a premium in res rooms, so create some extra space with a few inexpensive flat-pack boxes from stationers or home stores. Get creative with coverings and labels, and use them to store anything from stationery to make-up and everything in between.

At Blinds In A Minute, our paper blinds are perfect for your student room. They’re so easy to fit, can be cut to size, and require no tools to install. Simply measure, cut, and stick! They’re really inexpensive and yet still look good. They won’t crack or become brittle from the sun and will last for years. Take a look at our range, or contact us for more information.