Moving House? Instant Paper Blinds Direct to Your Door

Effortless window coverings go up in – literally – a minute.

  • No drilling, no holes, no mess
  • Cut to fit any window size
  • High-quality paper can last for years
  • No cords, use the handy clips provided
  • Sticks to most surfaces
  • Reusable inside and out
  • Only R449 for pack of 6

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Benefits of paper blinds

These handy paper blinds are simply the fastest and easiest way to keep out nosey neighbours, maintain your privacy, and make your home look great!

For instant window treatments, simply measure the window opening, cut your sturdy paper blinds to size, and stick them up. No need for power tools.

Who needs instant temporary blinds?

Moving house? New rental? Emigrating? Instant blinds are the answer!
Student accommodation looks great with trendy paper blinds.
Real estate agents and landlords keep empty houses safe with great looking instant blinds.
Moving companies – add value to your customers with these necessities.
Renovating? Use these clever temporary blinds until you’re ready for your new curtains or blinds.
Awkward windows in your home? No problem – just cut our smart blinds to size.
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